Oahu Real Estate News

by: Rosa Gomes

 2 June 2013

The market is back on track. It is the current headlines that many financial analysts are posting. Today's Sunday Star Bulletin has a headline "Worst is behind us". It does appear to be true we are seeing less foreclosures and short sales. Properties that were borderling last year in Ewa Beach for going short can now sell at retail price today!

Consumer confidence is up, unemployment is low here in Hawaii at 5.5% and mortgage interest rates continue at an all time low. It is because of all this we are seeing numerous buyers wanting to get into the market to purchase their first home, investors are calling to find homes to invest in and it can cost less to buy than to rent for most renters. It is exciting to see the market turn the corner and to have more activity but the problem for buyer's is inventory is very low. The growing number of buyers wanting to enter the market is causing a seller's market which is driving prices up. Yes, the "Worst is Over" so now is definitely the time to sell if you are ready to move on and have been holding out renting your property waiting for the market to rise.

If you are interested in selling your home now is the time. Contact me today! We have buyers wanting to purchase and many are paying over asking price.